Intentional Communities in East Anglia

Places in East Anglia

Argyle Street Housing Co-operative (CB1 3LU)

Argyle Street Housing Co-operative opened in 1981 as a “fully mutual” co-op. We take decisions through members’ meetings, with voting rights for all tenants. These are held every month (and sometimes more frequently) in our community ‘hut’. A number of smaller working groups implement the day to day management required, assisted by three part time paid workers. Individual houses have a shared living room and kitchen and their own level of communal living, though we all share communal gardens and an allotment on our 3 acre site. Our houses are in an urban environment in close proximity to the railway.…

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Cambridge Cohousing Marmalade Lane (CB4 2ZE)

As a cohousing development, Marmalade Lane is a real community – a place to know and be friends with your neighbours. And as well as energy-efficient, architect-designed modern homes, residents benefit from extensive shared facilities and a large shared garden. Cohousing is a way of life in which residents not only get to know their neighbours and enjoy a real sense of community, but jointly manage their living environment together.  As well as their own private home, each resident household benefits from shared spaces and facilities that enrich the living experience and encourage a more social way of life. As…

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Cannock Mill Cohousing (CO2 8YY)

We are a mutually supportive cohousing group living in our own low energy and environmentally friendly homes with a shared ‘common house’, land and facilities at Cannock Mill, Colchester. Our website provides information on our community our homes, land and Common House.   We publish ‘Cannock Mill News’, our email newsletter, so if you are interested you can subscribe via our website.  We know our neighbours and look out for each other and have  as much privacy or socialising as we want.  We do not have any central religious or social agenda, we are diverse indiviudals who see the benefits of…

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L’Arche Ipswich (IP1 3QU)

Our first house, The Cornerstone, opened in 2006 and is situated in a pleasant and quiet area of Ipswich near Christchurch Park about 10 minutes' walk to the centre of town. The house has spacious common areas and a large garden. There are six people with learning disabilities and six assistants living together here, with others supporting in various roles. We are creating a network of community houses in Ipswich to provide a range of facilities for people in various circumstances wishing to be a part of who we are and what we do. L'Arche is a place of encounter…

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The Loke Community (NR11 8DF)

TLC began in May2014. We look to Live Simply. Simply Live.  Individual accommodation pods surround a central communal house. Set in three acres. We enjoy dancing, music making, camp cook outs, sailing, paragliding, emotional curiosity, having a laugh and communal cooking. Current members interests include contact improv, chess, yoga, jujitsu, golf biodanza, cycling, movie nights, spoon carving, bowl turning, falconry, sailing, paragliding, story telling, poetry, gardening cookery. Everybody gathers at 8:30 each morning for: check in and share in, group meal 6:30 pm

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Old Hall Community (CO7 6TG)

We are a large community of people who share an old friary, and 70 acres of Suffolk farmland. We share the workload to be nearly self sufficient in food and energy. Our water is heated by a large wood fired biomass boiler we call the dragon and supplemented by a ground source heat pump. A gas fired boiler is used as a last resort back up. We have an array of 120 solar PV panels to provide our electricity and our water comes from our own borehole with mains water back up. All the members have their own private room…

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Random Camel Housing Co-operative (IP4 1BQ)

Random Camel Housing Co-op of Ipswich, Suffolk, purchased 23-27 Foundation Street, Ipswich in 2012. It’s a terrace of 3 2-up 2-down properties, two of which have been knocked through, one remaining as a self-contained entity. In all, it can house up to 9 tenants. The house is versatile, spacious - big rooms and lots of storage spaces - rather worn in terms of decoration, or in the midst of eco refurb. Our co-op is a great opportunity for a group of people to create a base of community action and live as an intentional community. The houses have calm and…

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Shrub Family (NR16 2QT)

Our communal name and address is misleading. We are not a farm, don’t live in a cottage and if the ‘family’ brings images of Californian style cults ... we’re not a family! We have tended to be a practical, secular, dirty-handed, music-playing, screaming kids community, though right now we are low on numbers - so there’s the potential to become something different! Individual interests range from midwifery and politics to fine arts and drugs legislation. We don’t have any particular communal ideal although we follow a pragmatic quest for sustainability and the hope of, one day, developing low-cost, eco-friendly, self-build…

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