Intentional Communities in South West England

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This includes Cornwall

Beech Hill Community (EX17 6RF)

We live in a large country house in Mid Devon. Accommodation is both rented and leasehold, in converted outbuildings and in the main house. On our seven acres of land we grow organic fruit and vegetables. We have 2 polytunnels, a paddock, an orchard, a walled garden, a swimming pool, compost toilets and a reed-bed sewage system as well as a wind turbine, solar panels, and a log boiler. Together we run a low-key camp site and any excess income is used on community projects. We share responsibility for our home and the land on which we live and some…

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Bowden House Community (TQ9 7PW)

Bowden House Community is a thriving intentional community which has been established since 2005 one mile from Totnes in rural Devon. We are a group of families and individuals enjoying learning to live consciously together and with our environment. We don't have any ideological or religious focus in common and accept the diversity of backgrounds and beliefs reflected in our members. Our land includes an orchard, walled garden, large herb and vegetable gardens and 2 polytunnels, newly planted woodland, a tree house, ornamental gardens and lawns. We also share facillities like a wood workshop, community centre, clay pizza oven, tractor,…

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CoFlats Lansdown (GL5 1TN)

The Cohousing Company received planning permission in June 2005 for the first CoFlats community. CoFlats is similar to Cohousing but it's just flats. Stroud Coflats has a shared car, an on-site 2KW wind turbine, super-insulation and re-uses an old chapel in the Town Centre. There is a common house, two garden areas, 20 secure bicycle lockups, 14 flats and studios. The related Cohousing Company built the first new-build cohousing community in the UK in Stroud (see Springhill Cohousing entry). And the 3rd Cohousing Community in Stroud. CoFlats Sladbrook. The principles of Cohousing are that decisions are made by consensus, the…

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CoFlats Sladbrook (GL5 1TN)

The Cohousing Company received planning permission in June 2005 for the first Co-Flats community. CoFlats is similar to Cohousing but it's just flats. The related Cohousing Company built the first new-build cohousing community in the UK in Stroud (see Springhill Cohousing entry). The principles of Cohousing are that decisions are made by consensus, the site is pedestrianised, the common house is used for shared meals and is a communal extension to residents' private living rooms.

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Cohousing Bristol (BS3 5ES)

CoHousing Bristol is a small,urban cohousing project We are currently in the process of creating a cohousing community on our site, providing socially, environmentally and financially sustainable housing and shared community facilities for our members. Our current membership is 8 directors, 4 of whom live in the farmhouse and 3 new directors, who live elsewhere. There is also a changing cohort of twenty-somethings who rent rooms on a shorter term basis, they are encouraged to be involved in the life of the community, but are not part of the main decision making processes. They do add a great deal to the…

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Corani Housing Co-op Devon (EX17 3BU)

Corani is a small housing cooperative based in Devon. On the edge of the town of Crediton around 6 adults and one toddler live in a semi-detached Georgian house bought by Corani in 2013. The Crediton house has a large garden around it in which we grow as many fruit, vegetables and herbs as we can, whilst leaving enough space to play football with the dog. Chickens roam around the garden and we have a homemade beehive with a successful colony that produces delicious honey. We aim to live as sustainably as we can in our current situation; the Crediton…

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The Courtyards (BA15 2PB)

Are you interested in living in an established co-housing community and building your own home? The Courtyards Community has 2 building plots with planning permission for 2 semi-detached 3 or 4 bedroom houses for sale at a price of £125,000 or more each. We are currently 6 households consisting of 10 adults and 6 children. Our home is situated on the outskirts of Bradford on avon near Bath in a converted school building, which used to be a large manor house. We have around 8 acres of land, an orchard, plenty of room to grow some veg and some old…

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Frankleigh 011_0

Frankleigh House (BA15 2PB)

Frankleigh House is 6 families, each with own living space, and sharing community and resources: garden, additional communal kitchen,7 acres of grounds, including parkland, open air swimming pool, rose garden, front lawn, beech tree field, orchard, bees, allotments and a newly painted forest garden in our large front field. We’re a kind of hybrid community- a mix between traditional communities and involved in the ‘normal world’..  Our ethos is one of tolerating differences until the differences become intolerable! We equally share the freehold of this place. At present, we don’t have any spaces. We’re 20 minutes walk from the pretty…

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Friends At The End – F.A.T.E. (TR)

We are the notorious cult - 'Friends at the End' or F.A.T.E. We were once a growing religion but, after a miscalculated doomsday prediction in the 1950s, our membership dwindled.  Happily, we tried again and got half of it right.  We were correct that a passing comet was indeed a spaceship and we did manage to get onboard, but, we were incorrect (again) that all you nonbelievers were going to get burnt to a crisp in a firery Armageddon, heigh ho, there's always next time. However, comets aren't cheap to run and we are in need of money and keen…

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Friendship Cohousing (TR16 4QZ)

We have purchased a property, Maningham, and are transforming it into the Friendship Cohousing Community - a perfect place to live as life becomes more difficult in this uncertain world. This property has private units ready for residents to move into and a beautiful house with lovely communal spaces. There is an amazing garden with an area of 4 acres where we can care for the beautiful plants that are already there and, in other parts of the grounds, develop a forest garden and small-holding where we can grow our own food in harmony with Nature. We wish to help…

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Fruit Corner (BS6 6BU)

"Lord grant that I may seek to comfort than to be comforted; to understand than to be understood; to love than to be loved; for it is by forgetting self that one finds; it is by dying that one awakens to eternal life. Amen" (St Francis of Assisi) For us living in an Intentional Christian community is not only a great opportunity but in many ways life changing. Our ideal is that over a period of time the ryhthm of giving and receiving evident in community life inspires in people a more selfless existence, one where life is not so…

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Gannicox Camphill Community (GL5 4EX)

We are an intentional Camphill community of some 20 individuals. All of us have special gifts and abilities which we bring into our shared life. We all have consciously and freely chosen to be part of Gannicox and wish to engage in a rich and colourful tapestry of relationships across all ages and abilities. Some of us need particular support to stay healthy, be safe, make informed choices and fulfill our aspirations. We have chosen this community to be supported by co-workers and other individuals whom we know well and trust. In turn this gives us the scope to live…

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Hammerhead Housing Co-op (BS5 7JE)

We're expecting to move into our house is in the St George area of Bristol during January 2018. We are a veggie/vegan, communal house with activist interests.

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Hilfield Friary (DT2 7BE)

Franciscan brothers first arrived here in 1921 to establish a home of refuge and rehabilitation for the large number of displaced men who were then tramping the roads of rural England. At the Friary they found a welcome as brothers, the restoration of their dignity through shared work, and the opportunity of rehabilitation and training. From this small beginning has grown the Society of St Francis, an Anglican order of men and women inspired by the example of Francis of Assisi; SSF now has communities of brothers and sisters, and many lay or ‘tertiary’ members, throughout the world. Today at…

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Keveral Farm Community (PL13 1PA)

Keveral Farm has been a community since 1973. We live in a farmhouse, a barn conversion, an extended static caravan, and 3 other static caravans. These, together with our farm buildings, are owned and managed by our housing co-op, One Community. Members should attend monthly community meetings, and do at least 2 hours voluntary work per week, maintaining and improving the house, buildings and land. The 30 acres of land consists of veg plots, polytunnels, soft fruit, orchard, woodland, meadow and camping. The land has been certified organic by the Soil Association for more than 30 years. Our worker’s co-op,…

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Landmatters Permaculture Community (TQ9 7DL)

Landmatters is a rural permaculture co-operative in South Devon, living on 42 acres of pasture and semi-natural ancient woodland, with some naturally regenerating scrub and ancient hedgerows. The land is stewarded by 10 adults and 7 children living in low-impact structures, mostly benders and yurts, and is totally off-grid. We grow some food (hope to grow more!), keep horses, hens and ducks, manage the woodlands, work communally, run educational events, car share, and use consensus decision-making and Way of Council, with the aim of creating a thriving, ecological community. We are a Permaculture Association LAND demonstration site and a member…

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Lee Abbey Knowle Small Missional Community (BS4 1JN)

At the invitation of Knowle West Churches Together, the Lee Abbey community has been present on this South Bristol housing estate continually since 1992. Community members commit to the rule of life and to serve where God leads them in the local area. Our ministry has included pastoral visits, meeting physical and educational needs and supporting local churches in their worship, discipleship and mission. Because we are not a project, we focus more on building relationships over time with people who live or work in the area. Although local partnerships help us meet many needs, we humbly acknowledge there are…

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Monkton Wyld Court (DT6 6DQ)

Monkton Wyld Court is a Centre for Sustainability run by a resident community with the help of short- and longer-term volunteers. Community members have full-time jobs in the community in exchange for lodgings, food and a small stipend. As a registered educational charity, we offer education in sustainability through the learning, experience and practice of practical skills and community living. We strive to maximise the productivity and the social benefits of our land and other resources, in a low-impact way. We generate income through a varied programme of educational courses, family activity holidays, venue hire and B&B/ hostel accommodation. The…

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Pendragon House (BA6 8AQ)

Pendragon House is located close to the heart of Glastonbury, 5 minutes from both the High Street and the bottom of the Tor, yet right on the edge of the countryside. The house has rooms and suites for residents and guests. We live together communally as family, sharing in one another's lives; living here involves being prepared to work on the things that arise when living closely with others. We aim for low impact living and zero fossil fuel use, although we are not fanatical about it. Long-term community members mainly have outside jobs, pay into the not for profit…

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Pendragon House, House Rear

Pilsdon Community (DT6 5NZ)

Pilsdon Community offers a refuge for anyone who needs a safe place to stay at a particular point in their life, some come whilst recovering from alcoholism or addiction, others coping with mental illness or following a crisis point in their life. Run by residential community members we offer friendship, hospitality, acceptance and many cups of tea. The Pilsdon Community is a smallholding of 12 acres with cows, sheep, pigs, chickens and ducks and a large vegetable garden. We rear our own meat, grow our own vegetables and make our own dairy produce. Everyone is invited to participate fully in…

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Sahaja (SP3 5DJ)

We are not currently seeking new members. We would like to maintain our presence here on Diggers & Dreamers though so that you can keep us in mind. Please check back occasionally to see if we have any vacancies. Love. The folk at Sahaja. X Last updated: 7 February 2020

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Sahaja Garden, Summer

Sheldon (EX6 7YT)

As members of the Community we each make Sheldon our home, make a commitment to the shared life of the Community and have a defined role serving in the charity's ministry. The details of the shape of our lives varies as we adapt together to needs and circumstances. Modest living quarters are provided as part of our remuneration including at least one private room plus bathroom and kitchen facilities which may be either independent or shared. The basic running costs of heating, lighting and maintaining our living quarters are covered by the charity. There is a mix of our own…

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Springhill Cohousing Community (GL5 1TN)

Springhill Cohousing is the first new build Cohousing Community in the UK and the first project of the Cohousing Company. The search for land started in 1999 and the site in Stroud was acquired in 2000. Very soon after, all the plots were pre-sold to members who designed the community and layout of their own houses/flats. The principles of Cohousing are consensus decision making, pedestrianised estate, large common house for shared evening meals, private self-contained units. The 35 houses, flats and studios are super-insulated, 20 houses have 49 kWp of PV solar panels, there is a car share scheme and…

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Stepping Stones Housing Co-op (NP25 4LX)

Stepping Stones Housing Co-op was formed in 1999 with the intention of providing secure, ecologically friendly housing to its members in a rural setting where people could live in a non-hierarchical community. Highbury Farm is a 30 acre smallholding with a large farmhouse, extensive outbuildings, mobile homes and the possibility of low impact structures. The land comprises mainly pasture, which has greater conservation than agricultural value, though we have an historic, productive orchard and space for vegetable production. We also host camps and gatherings in our fields. We are situated above the incredibly beautiful Wye Valley, surrounded by woodland nature…

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Steward Community Woodland (TQ13 8SD)

STOP PRESS - see: We are a co-operative of people living and working together in a mixed woodland by Dartmoor. We are running a permaculture project to explore and demonstrate low impact living, integrating conservation woodland management (such as coppicing and broadleaf planting) with organic growing, new technologies and traditional skills. We are living in wood heated bender-style and timber frame dwellings, with a communal Longhouse, Kitchen and Bathhouse. We have a micro hydro scheme and solar panels to generate electricity, from which we run lighting, computers and kitchen appliances. We have a policy of minimising our use of…

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Stourbridge Camphill Houses (DY8 3YA)

Camphill Houses is based in and around the busy town of Stourbridge, on the urban rural fringe to the south-west of Birmingham. Our Camphill community has been assisting adults with learning disabilities and other special needs for more than 30 years, with a supported living programme designed to enable each individual to find his or her own direction in life and an appropriate degree of self-reliance. Our community is fully integrated into the life of the town. A range of supported accommodation is available to meet different needs. Four houses close to the centre of Stourbridge, and one just outside…

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Threshold Centre (SP8 5JQ)

The Threshold Centre at Cole Street Farm, is a small cohousing community just outside Gillingham in North Dorset. We aim to 'walk our talk' with a lifestyle that is more green, more affordable, and more neighbourly. The Threshold Centre consists of fourteen dwellings, seven of which are affordable rent and shared ownership with a local housing association - a first in the short history of cohousing in this country. There is also a common farmhouse with shared facilities and guest rooms, green energy systems and a community vegetable garden. We hold an open afternoon tea on the first Saturday of…

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Tinker’s Bubble (TA14 6TE)

We keep our website up to date. Please check there for more information and links. ----- Tinkers Bubble is a small woodland community which uses environmentally sound methods of working the land without fossil fuels. We have planning permission for self-built houses on the condition that we make a living from the land. We make our monetary incomes mainly through forestry, apple work and gardening. As a result we’re money poor but otherwise rich! We manage about 28 acres of douglas fir, larch, and mixed broadleaf woodland using horses, two person saws, and a wood-fired steam-powered sawmill. Our pastures, orchards, and…

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Trelay (EX23 0NJ)

Trelay Cohousing is a vibrant community of 23 adults of all ages and nine children. It was established in 2007 on a farm with thirty-two acres in North Cornwall, UK. It is a great place to grow, learn and be, to live sustainably and connect in a healthy way with our planet and each other. A rural retrofit cohousing scheme, we welcome visitors and volunteers interested in our way of living. We work hard, and we have fun. The main features of our community are: - it is set up and run by its members co-operatively - members are consciously…

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Trelay barbecue

Wild Futures Monkey Sanctuary (PL13 1NZ)

For 40 years a group of dedicated individuals have been looking after a colony of Amazonian woolly monkeys rescued from the pet trade in the 1960s and 70s. We are now home to woolly monkeys and capuchin monkeys, who have arrived here as a result of the tragic trade that still exists in the keeping of primates as pets. The Monkey Sanctuary recently became a charity but has always been run in a co-operative spirit (and was a co-operative for many years), and about 12 keepers live on site all year round caring for the monkeys. Volunteers from all over…

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Windsor Hill Wood (BA4 4JE)

Windsor Hill Wood is a woodland shelter inspired by the Pilsdon Community in Dorset. It aims to create a peaceful environment where people going through tough or uncertain times can come and reflect on life. We’re a small community centred on what is a family home. We’re essentially an “extended household” with half a dozen extra places laid at the table, and half a dozen extra beds. We offer traditional Christian hospitality to all, regardless of faith, race and so on. We hope to help people rediscover peace, silence and acceptance amidst the beauty and simplicity of the woods. Some…

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