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Looking to for unmasked/vxd off grid people.

Hi, due to the plandemic I am being forced into a position where I would need to live off the land. im a builder who lost his builder company due to all that is going on, I have a variety of skills, carpentry, plumbing, electrical etc etc, along with varied other skills, I can put my hand to most things and enjoy growing my own food and eating as organically as I can. if there is anyone looking for a likeminded person please let me know. Paddy

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Hi Fellow D & D’s. Would love to start digging as soon as possible and want to co form a community of open (to change, new ways), truthful, and inspired members preferable vegetarian and in the South. I love working, relaxing and thinking outside the maze. I have resources and previous experience of forming a community in which we made decisions by consensus (Seeds to Change inspired). I need solvent and non solvent people to join me or inform me of existing communities with similar aspirations. I live a magical life already but feel it is time to build resilience with others in these strange times. I am not buying the past or present propaganda and wish to meet like minded souls who are not living in this manufactured fear and anger scenario. I believe in separating the wheat from the chaff and not throwing the baby out with the bath water so can work with anyone who is looking to give as much as they take in a positive way. Ideally an arable farm with its own natural non contaminated water and existing accommodation in a location where we could run retreats. Preferably following our own philosophies based on ‘do as you would be done by’, doing no harm and common sense. I believe in the opposite of the end justifies the means which is part of the current day scenario alongside the past orchestrated fear and its resulting generational trauma. I have seen how trauma can be released and personal power retrieved and would love to practice and share this with others. Message me if what I have written resonates with you then I will send you my mobile number for a chat. David

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Looking for land to tend and care for

My partner and I are looking for land which we can tend for. We have had this dream for several years gaining experience working on the land in paid positions alongside taking on WWOOFING roles and other volunteer placements to try and make it a reality. My partner, Michael, currently works as a field archaeologist and grows and gardens organically using biodynamic principles. My work is in nutrition and healing. We have limited income for set up costs but can both be flexible with our working days and would not necessarily need to be reliant on the land for income. It would be our intention to use parts of the land for wilding and other parts for growing food to feed the wider community. We are calling in the opportunity to be carers to a piece of land and all beings on it, to tend to it, grow on it and to live on it in a simple way. Feel free to contact us for any further info and details along with contactable references. Thanks for reading, Lizi  

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Hello, Hubby and I are back living in Cornwall where we both grew up. Currently living in a timber frame building that we’ve put up on a family farm but keeping an eye out for a property to establish a permanent home. I’m working as a baker atm but have twenty years of farming behind me and hubby grew up on a dairy farm and now works at an agricultural merchants. Needless to say our dreams and potential budget are somewhat out of sync being here in west Cornwall competing with second home owners (that’s a whole different winge) so land with the potential to build a carbon neutral or negative home and be as self sufficient as possible is the way we want to go. It’s got to be the best approach for our future and that of the planet. We’d also like to be part of an intentional  community, living independently but working together to be as sustainable as possible. I strongly believe the future needs to be one of retuning to community existence, looking out of each other whilst doing the best for our environment. I feel we’re on the verge of great changes with regards to planning and support for such building and community projects with authorities being pushed to embrace and support more environmentally conscious ways of living. I believe Cornwall County Council are running a community land purchase scheme designed to encourage eco development and I’m looking into this. If there’s anyone else in the area thinking along the same lines and you fancy a chat to bounce some ideas around get in touch. Look forward to making some amazing friends on our journey to a more sustainable life. Xx

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Looking for land in South Wales - any help very welcomed

We’re looking for about 30 acres of land in South Wales for a regenerative agricultural community. We’re looking mainly in Carmarthenshire, ideally including some woodland. We’d be very grateful to hear of any land that you might know of or any contacts. Many thanks, Mike, 07753930678

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Love in All its Guises

Hello,    I am in the process of launching the Love Agency – where we connect people who are interested in developing a soulful, loving connection with someone that feels joyful, life-enriching and loving.    The Love Agency is a new approach to matchmaking and also hosts events and does love coaching.    For the time-being the service is free while I build the community.     I am looking for people who are; self aware, open-hearted and kind and ready for a committed long-term loving relationship.    If this sounds like you or someone you know do get in touch and we can have a chat. Emily Love 07572 557 288   I look forward to hearing from you.     With love, Emily 

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Quiet,green refuge wanted!

Does anyone have, or know of,a small cottage,house,bungalow or other dwelling for rent,or as part of a community, on a long term basis? A converted agricultural/industrial outbuilding? A cabin or other structure on a small piece of land, or land with permission, or for rent,or in the large grounds/garden of an individual or community?In an ecovillage,cohousing project or as member of a community perhaps. Large caravan/mobile home? Even a boat with permanent mooring and bankside land/garden! Do you have an unused “granny flat” or garden cabin or suchlike that you would like to let? I could also act as a caretaker or just as someone to be there for security, or a bit of company or to help in emergencies ( I am 69 myself). I am trying to cope with and hopefully recover from some long term health issues and finding it difficult in my present situation (electrosensitivity seems to be part of the reason e.g.wifi or nearby masts so want to be as free from this as possible, at least adjacent to me) A secluded garden or a part of one for own use and some privacy would be wonderful.Maybe could  team up with one or more other folk looking for a  similar situation? Possible purchase of small piece of land or cabin  Peter.

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Looking for a better life in Forest of Dean/Cotswolds/Worcs/Anywhere

Hi everyone. We are a fit and hardworking couple  in our 50s looking for a more sustainable lifestyle working with the land and nature. We have lived off grid for several years and on an organic smallholding as well as some experience with small woods. We have moved to a parkhome near Tewkesbury as we were made homeless by the pandemic but we would much rather be working the land  and improving the environment. We have lived in communities  for 30 years and have studied and taught meditation and try to lead a low impact lifestyle. We are looking for somewhere in the above area if possible to be close to friends and family however we have lived in Wales and the Midlands. If you have any suggestions or indeed offers then we would love to hear from you… Thanks for your time and consideration. Nick and Julie Bramble

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Long Term help on Farm In West Dorset

Couple (or individual) wanted to help us on our small farm. Various things – mainly growing in the polytunnel and garden and harvesting for little honesty-box shop down in the village. Also help with other things going on like sheep, esp. at lambing time (April), elderflower champagne and cordial making (June), campsite for 6 wks in the summer (Jul & Aug), apple juice making (Oct & Nov). Will possibly be milking some of the sheep by next summer and making cheese. The farm is still being set up really, so things are still developing.  There’s 2 of us living here (aged 56 and 42), with off-spring near-by who pop in and out. There’s lots of other small farmers near by too. And the beach is 2 miles away.  Accommodation- at the time of writing this I am looking for a good sized caravan (at least 4 berth) for you to saty in, but if you have your own living vehicle then even better! We can wire you up with mains and the internet if you wish, and plumb you with water.  The deal might be something along the lines of 2.5 days work (20 hrs) from each part of the couple, in return for living somewhere beautiful, food from the farm (hogget, veg, eggs), water, power, internet. And the opportunity to learn more about small scale mixed agriculture. The garden is no-dig, the pasture is no plough! I’m not certified organic but follow thr principles. If interested /have any questions then please do get in touch. We can chat over the phone,  and I’d suggest you come wwoofing for at least a few days before we each agree to a long stay.   Mary

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Looking for my tribe!

I‘m looking to make like minded connections to talk about communal living, existing communities, possible new community and more than anything I want to create community through networking. I’m unvaxxed, spiritual, activist, nonconformist, vegetarian, hard worker. Financially in a good position to live off grid and buy/rent land. I’ve got a few connections already, looking for my tribe to make it happen. Be great to hear from you. Peace!

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Work exchange in Paignton, Devon

Accommodation offered in exchange for building work.   Spacious characterful 5-bedroom former farmhouse (now in town) sharing facilities with 3 others. Vegetarian preferred. Non smoking.   Building skills, experience, energy and enthusiasm required.   Tasks include : building design, insulation, roofing, kitchen and bathroom fitting, tiling. Some teamwork and some on own initiative.   Could suit single person(s) or a couple. Hours negotiable – depending on experience and how much responsibility taken on.   The house is about a mile from beaches and the South West coast path. We have sit-on kayaks available to use – kept by the River Dart in Totnes – a 20 min drive or 30 min bus ride away. Paignton has a well-served train station, a good library and plenty of supermarkets and shops.   Off-road parking available on gated driveway. House is on main bus route , with bus stop right outside.   A large lounge is kept mainly for meditation, yoga and singing. Group events sometimes happen too (covid permitting).   The large dining/sitting room has a woodburner. Centrally heated throughout. Sunny garden with veg plot.   All enquiries very welcome! (listing placed on 6th Jan 2022)

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Lodging in Modern House Cornwall for self sufficiency minded person

Room available as lodgings for the right person – someone who doesn’t mind that I get up for early starts for work (healthcare) likes rural peace and quiet, loves chickens and doesn’t mind tame house cockatiels and might be interested in getting involved in the allotment in exchange for produce (including plenty of eggs!) I would be looking for an all inclusive with bills rent payment of £550 per month for a single room in a modern house in a lovely part of Cornwall with central heating, double glazing, shared bathroom, extra indoor toilet and mains water. I’m looking into being more off grid in the future. Well served by public transport links, cycle paths and the option of a lift to work if based at Treliske hospital or Threemilestone. Parking is also available for a small car. Would need to deposit and 1st months payment before arrival.  Ideally someone who like me is also fairly quiet, easy going and tolerant. I don’t eat meat but wouldn’t influence a lodgers diet but preferably no chicken, please (sorry im so attached to mine!). The room would be for the use of the person lodging, not with extra quests overnight. Also, I am a Christian but respect others religions and world views, all I would ask is for respect for mine. Any other questions please message! 🙂

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Land help needed Exmoor

Hi  We are a couple who have moved to Exmoor last Winter. We have 4 acres of land which is mainly open parkland/grassland. Our intention is to plant a mixed hedgerow, a small woodland area and a forest garden. We have already started a no dig vegetable garden and a Orchard area. We are looking for a couple of people with land work experience to join us for January and help us with planting….about 15 hours a week each for your own cosy 2 bed cottage with heating, internet. Some meals provided etc. We are Kaye, Rich, Ronan and Soli. I am a gardener and passionate ediable food grower and cook, Rich has done loads of amazing stuff from harp making to sledge designing for Antarctica expeditions! Now has turned his hand to being our own ‘in House’ Barista! Ronan is Rich’s son has loads of practical skills, loves music and walking Long distances with Soli the coli.  We are all friendly and love meeting people, we live in a small Devonshire village on Exmoor with a good pub just up the road about 20 minutes drive to the nearest coast. If any of this strikes a cord with you or you need more info. and perhaps have the time and energy to come and join us soon we would love to hear from you!  Kaye

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Home, home on the range....

Hello, I am looking to join or help create a home with loving, playful people whose passion is living close to the land.  Currently, I am based in SE Cornwall, working for a national charity but hoping gradually to rebuild community singing work and sound healing that I was beginning before the pandemic. I have plenty of gardening experience, having worked as a maintenance gardener in a previous life and lived on a 2 acre woodland garden site that required a lot of heavy work. However, I have very limited experience of growing food and would love to learn from and with others. Although I have friends in larger communities here, I think I would probably be happier in a smaller setting . I am a great communicator, community builder and networker but I really like my space and appreciate people who know how to contact stillness in the midst of busyness. I also love listening to music and would need to find a place to sing/practice without bothering people; even better if there’s someone to have the occasional jam with… I am both excited and trepidatious at the possibility of living with people who have a shared vision and goal. I am learning, along with many people at this challenging time, new resilience, which I think requires deep reliance on each other, inner strength, vulnerability and honesty. Plus as much joy as you can stuff into a day. If you can help in any way, even with ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Accommodation Sought?

 Hi   Everyone out there Looking for accommodation in South East or South West of England.In Co-Housing.Co-operatives something along those lines please? I have ample experience of community living due to my WwoOfing through the years from the 1990’s to the present.And have supported and visited Radical Routes co-operatives too.Can supply References if needed. It would be nice to find a home in a community that was sympathetic to my vegan values. Thanks!

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Nurture harmonious relationships

Hello Everyone! My name is Jana, and I’d like to invite you to an online event where you will learn a way of nurturing harmonious relationships with other people. If you’ve lived in community before, such as a shared household, or any other type of intentional community, you know how challenging it can be when there are disagreements. There’s no monetary contribution required for this event, just your time and participation. Here’s where you can learn more about it

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cottage to let

I have a small, comfortable one-bedroom cottage, with its own garden, to let in a quiet rural location in Ceredigion. I live at the end of a side-road, on 15 acres of land managed primarily for wildlife. The cottage is next to my house – both are converted farm buildings – with no other neighbours in sight. As I live on my own, and am now in my 70’s, I’m starting to find land, veg garden, house and a horse quite a lot to cope with, and would like a bit of help, but not necessarily from someone living here – that’s negotiable. Whoever is here needs their own transport. Dogs welcome, as long as they don’t threaten my dog (who is large and very good-natured) or my neighbours’ sheep. Cats, I’m afraid, are not so welcome – I’ve been encouraging wildlife on this land for 40 years or so, and it doesn’t seem fair to bring in something who’s likely to be so destructive to birds, small animals, frogs etc. I expect that a not-too-young single woman might fit in best here, but I’m open to many  possibilities. Please ring if you’re interested 01974 298920.     Kath  

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Land For Sale - 2.4 Acres in Watten, Scotland (Highlands)

2.4 acres of land for sale in the higlands – Watten – FOR SALE £85,000    half of the land is crofted and the other half is de-crofted. Currently has a static caravan on and also a stone-built cottage which has been left to ruin but still standing. It has planning in principal for a detached dwelling. Great for those who are wanting to build off-grid in the highlands. Plenty of grants in the area for renewable energy and sustainable building practices.  Services connected – water, electric and internet !!!!    A perfect plot with a lot of potential.    photos are attached via links –    

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West Wales abode needed (Ceredigion preferably, North Pembrokshire considered)

Local family of four (1 adult, 2 children, 1 cat) looking for a new long term home – a cabin, chalet, static, small cottage or similar simple dwelling in a private setting if possible. Or even just a suitable space for a static caravan..? Happy to negotiate rent or exchange/part exchange for work or help on your smallholding or business, help with animals or other. Diolch. 

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